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Auger provides fast and timely services to its partners with its warehouses and offices in Germany, Russia and Romania. It focuses on European and Russian markets in order to use its distribution network effectively and closely interact with its customers.
Auger manufactures spare parts only for European commercial vehicles.
It will be positioned as the most ambitious and brave company in the heavy duty Aftermarket industry.
Auger exclaims its motto as its manifesto: ‘The Original is not necessarily the Best!’
Auger is surely a unique, intelligent, passionate and a distinctive player with its manifesto “The Original is not necessarily the Best!” by challenging the world against OEM manufacturers and original products.
Manufacturing better, longer-lasting, high quality and cost effective products than original ones has been adopted as a principle.
Auger's manufacturing identity is always at the forefront.
Auger is also very well known for its strength to procure from the best suppliers in the world and to manage control and auditing process at high German standards.
Auger places utmost emphasis on quality control and benchmarking tests. It develops products matching the most suitable definition of “the best”.
Auger thoroughly controls the whole procedure starting from the technical drawings through to end product manufacturing along with the engineers at its R&D Centre.
Auger attaches great importance to warranty rules and customer satisfaction.
Auger is one step ahead of its competitors in terms of fast delivery of products and customer satisfaction.
Auger has the ability to supply diversified range of products in low and high quantities for small, medium and large scale enterprises.
During the product development, Auger acts extremely responsibly by throughly researching the patent situation.
Auger has established a B2B portal for its partners to be able to facilitate their workflow and to enable them to place purchase orders.
Auger performs tests and benchmarks with materials equipped with high technology at each step of production and quality control.
Auger uses SAP infrastructure for business management and workflow processes throughout the company.
Thanks to the warehouses in different locations, Auger has the ability to store high volume stocks and to meet deadlines.
Auger establishes instant communication and shares information with its partners and business associates via its modern website, social media channels and e-bulletins.
Auger has the best R&D infrastructure in the aftermarket industry.
Auger, with its knowledge and experience, carries out its production through the suppliers it collaborates with. Thus, by cutting down on investment costs, it can allocate more resources in Product Development and improvement.
With its know-how, Auger-Germany can concentrate upon the procurement of higher quality and more affordable products.