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Why work at AUGER?

Auger has been committed to superb engineering, futurist design and cool innovation. Fulfilling I AM AUGER’s founder's promise to deliver the best products requires the efforts and talents of many exceptional people. And that's why we strive to make our workplace one in which individuals feel challenged, fulfilled and able to reach their full potential. 


Build your career path at a challenging company!

Joining AUGER, you will have stable career path development, benefits package and a good working environment.

These elements are designed to attract the human resource - our most important one to keep up Auger growth.



Human Resources

Our success is based on the qualification and personal commitment of people who are employed by the Auger.

A company will only be able to survive in the face of international competition if it has a top team, characterized by a high level of competence, dedication, inventiveness and fitness.

Competence is created from good basic training and a life-long willingness to learn. Dedication ideally means entrepreneurial thinking and actions, not only by management staff. Active contribution of ideas and participation are expected of all members of staff.

The success factors are encouraged in our human resources processes and in projects


Working Life in Auger

Auger is one of the most successful aftermarket companies in the world. We are internationally strong, and we have new products, new designs and compact, fuel-efficient parts.

Our human resources projects are a decisive factor for the past and future success of our company. We are able to employ various instruments that enable us to respond quickly and flexibly to fluctuations in employment, and so secure jobs for the long term.

The goal "Auger as Best Employer" is a clearly defined element of the corporate strategy of the Auger. For us it means:

Attractive employment

Job security

Good working climate through leadership and cooperation

Personal development opportunities

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