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Auger has been established in 2003 in Hürth-Cologne by a family who has dedicated themselves for half a century to manufacturing and developing spare parts for European vehicles.



A short while after its foundation, it fulfilled its first export business in Russia, which spread its brand-awareness from Germany to Russia, and then across the whole European market. Then it started meeting its new business partners at the Automechanika Trade Fair.



Having developed the business collaborations in Europe, the family company institutionalises within the business structure by increasing its product range and establishes the research and development department.



Auger takes its first step for the Test Centre by planning the project to invest in test machines in order to control the quality and improvement of the products supplied.



Auger is now qualified with the ISO 9001 quality management certification with which the satisfaction and high quality are guaranteed for the customers.



As Auger builds and gains customer trust, Auger grows its business by bringing fast solutions for more customers with the warehouse space they expanded.



They establish the R&D and Test Centre to properly follow the product development, and manufacture high quality products under efficient working conditions.



Due to the highly demanded products and the desire to be closer to the customers, Auger Russia Warehouse starts offering services enthusiastically.



Auger establishes its third warehouse in Romania, with an awareness that customer satisfaction is not just about providing high quality items, but delivering them on time as well. The warehouse space reaches a total area of 20.000 m2, so Auger would have the ability to come up with faster solutions for more customers.



By attaching a great emphasis on product development and making investments accordingly, Auger now has the most developed R&D and Test Centre in the industry thanks to the new test devices.