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We know what the quality means. The products of AUGER AUTOTECHNIK are based on a simple fact: Having an OE (Original Equipment) quality. We owe our power in the aftermarket for spare parts to this basis.


Three Control System (TCS) 

Supplier Control

Sample Control

Entrance Control


Apart from these, everything is insufficient for us.


The objective of AUGER

We would like to provide you the best quality spare parts for each brand across the world in the Independent Aftermarket. Therefore, we have shaped the operations within the company according to this basis prudentially. Several different kinds of modern control and audit systems have been testing all of our products. As well as the quality of material, we also pay special attention on mounting reliability. In this sense, you can get from Auger many parts of which you may not even find any alternatives in the aftermarket. We have been improving the quality of our products constantly by help of Technical Inspections Organization (TUV).


Auger is a Good Signature

Auger Autotechnik guarantees the products with its good quality and mounting reliability. With its good quality, speediness and improvement studies, Auger will provide you the most privileged service in the global market; since we shoulder responsibilities of all demands of our customers.


An Extensive Range of Products

We support you not only with our extensive range of products but also with a powerful brand. In line with its principles, Auger evaluates the elements of global strategic market leadership efficiently. In order to be able to generate the most suitable solutions to the customers, Auger have always been contact with commerce market and factories. Our worldwide known brand always stands behind its quality, reliability, fast delivery and price stability; this is why, Auger is trusted all over the world.