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Within AUGER’s company structure, the procedures handled at the R&D and Test Centre are supervised and managed by experienced engineers who have gathered to provide the best services to the customers. 

According to the results arising from the customers located in various continents and the market research, the products we plan to obtain for our product portfolio are delivered to our engineers. The engineers, who know the details of each product very well, thoroughly examine the products and perform tests to find out where and how products operate. Following the detailed analysis of products, we proceed with further developments to ensure that we manufacture high quality products. The technical drawings of these new items are produced by the aforementioned R&D engineers. Then these products are examined with a high-tech computer infrastructure and simulation-supported programs (e.g. Solid Works) prior to manufacturing. In accordance with such intense examinations and results, the product specifications are clarified and some procedures may be needed by the engineers. Meanwhile, AUGER shows sensitivity towards Patent registration, and studies the patent situation consequently. The products determined for patent registration are re-developed by an experienced team with new and unique designs. New products added into the portfolio within the framework of improved standards are ready made to be manufactured. Throughout the production of items which have been procured by the best suppliers, R&D engineers ensure that the products are manufactured without compromising on the quality and unique standards. Selecting samples from the manufactured products in orderly intervals, high quality is guaranteed by examining the quality control which is required for production at our R&D and Test Centre.